Boodle Fight!

On Friday, September 21, the APNTS student council hosted a “boodle fight” for the school community. No—no one got hurt!

A boodle fight is actually a community meal where all the food is spread out on banana leaves on a long table. Community members gather around the table and eat directly off the table—no plates or utensils needed! This is a style that is practiced on occasion in the Philippines but is also associated with military meals. It truly exemplifies that when we share food with others, we form bonds with them.

The menu for the event consisted of rice, pancit (Filipino noodles), grilled fish, barbecued pork, and salted eggs with tomatoes. For me, the pork was the star of the meal.

Our boodle fight came on the last day of Spiritual Deepening Week. I thought the timing was great, because spirit and body are inseparable aspects of our common humanity. The Gospel fosters community, as we are all one at God’s table. In our community meal we enacted that profound unity in a beautiful, tangible way.


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