Combatting Human Trafficking

Darin jogs across the finish line.

Darin jogs across the finish line.

Human Trafficking. It’s one of the buzz words these days, and for good reason. Though human trafficking has been occurring for nearly as long as there have been humans, both the incidence and our awareness have been increasing exponentially in recent years. Thankfully, there are many organizations working to curb trafficking, with the goal of banishing this scourge from the face of the earth. These organizations are learning more and more the necessity of working together to accomplish this goal.

     The organization with which we work most closely, the Free Methodist Church, is building upon its long heritage of activism in this arena. Click here to learn about the Set Free Movement, a Free Methodist response to human trafficking spearheaded by our friend, Kevin Austin.
     The school where we work (APNTS) also is working to end modern-day slavery. Through our Holistic Child Development program and related endeavors, we are helping at-risk children and youth to give them resources for combatting the wiles of the would-be traffickers in their lives. Click here for more info on APNTS.

Darin passes the 3K mark at the Free Them 5K.

Darin passes the 3K mark at the Free Them 5K.

     Yet another organization doing notable work in the fight against human trafficking is World Concern. Each year World Concern hosts a Free Them 5K fund raiser in Shoreline, Washington. The timing worked out this year for me to participate. At 9:00 a.m. Saturday, May 9, I joined hundreds of other runners, joggers, and walkers to raise funds and awareness for this important work. I was one of the walkers, though I did jog on a couple of the downhill portions. I also jogged the last 1/2 km or so—to look good crossing the finish line!

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