Where in the House is the Gecko?

We are quite used to the geckos in our house in the Philippines. They used to be out mostly at night and stay on the walls and out of our way. Lately they have gotten bolder. Now they are out during the day and sometimes on the floor (where we can step on them) or on the counters (which I do not tolerate). Even twice on our pillows – yuck. But this last one takes the prize. I opened the ref (refrigerator) door and I saw what I thought was a gecko run INSIDE. I took out the drawer and couldn’t see anything, but I wanted to make sure. I shook a few things and sure enough there was a gecko in our ref. I did not want to have a gecko popsicle, so I got a broom to try to chase him out. He came out and plopped right down in front of the ref where I was standing. I had to sweep him away from there so he wouldn’t go back in.

Where in the house is the gecko? It is getting more interesting every day.

“a lizard can be caught with the hand, yet it is found in kings’ palaces.” Prov. 30:28 NIV

Gecko 2

(gecko pictured is different than the gecko mentioned)


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